Slowly recovering

Just got back from the hospital. It’s a long job visiting: 2 ’till 4, then 6 ’till 8, but it’s an hours drive away from home, so I just go and find somewhere to eat in between.
Janet is still wired and tubed and hasn’t moved from the position she’s in since Thursday. This really is [...]

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Well, the operation’s over.

Went with my daughter tonight to see Janet immediately after surgery. She’s cocooned in a nest of tubes and wires with an oxygen mask, but seems pretty well. There was a nurse constantly monitoring her, so she’s really being taken care of. She was very tired but should be feeling better tomorrow. Fingers crossed that [...]

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Reconstruction has commenced

I left Janet at the hospital tonight, in advance of her DIEP reconstruction operation, which will be tomorrow. This is quite scary, being at least a 10 hour operation, and a massive one at that, but at least it is not accompanied by all the attendant despair that accompanied her mastectomy.
Janet didn’t believe it was [...]

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Three Years On!

I can’t believe it is a year since I last posted. There’s not a lot to say to be honest (without going completely off-topic). I could mention how wonderful my wife is and how fantastic it is that we are still here together 3 years on, but I think you’ve heard that already. I could [...]

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Two years on and lookin’ good!

I wanted to post on Friday, which was exactly two years on from the day we had the results of the biopsy on Janet’s breast, but didn’t manage it due to work.
Things really are looking good now. When I read the posts from the early part of this blog, it almost seems like it happened [...]

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A bone scan!

It’s been ages since I posted here. Partly it’s because I’ve been quite busy with work, and partly because for a while there wasn’t much to say and I got out of the habit. I’ve lost touch a bit with the discussion forums and other blogs, but perhaps it is a good thing to get [...]

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Ups, downs and moving on.

“You need to move on now.”  This is a phrase often heard by people who have been through some difficult times, implying that they should set aside the bad experience and get on with living life again. Of course, that’s not always so easy to do, though. The difficult times usually cannot be isolated from [...]

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What to do about Oestrogen?

On Monday we met with the breast surgeon (I’ll call her “Mrs O”) who did Janet’s operation. One of the issues we raised with her was the problem of bone and joint pain, which is causing Janet a lot of difficulties, even though she handles it so well. We were a bit surprised with the [...]

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Phase 3: the second checkpoint

Brilliant. We went to the Herceptin clinic for the next review this morning, after 10 doses of Herceptin. We got the result from an echo-cardiogram that we went for last week, and Janet’s ejection fraction is up to 73%, with all other parts looking good. This means she is getting fitter each time we go. [...]

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First Haircut and Bones

Janet had her first haircut for over a year on Friday, with highlights added and it looks great. The curls seem to be getting less prominent, which she is very pleased about. Another landmark reached.
We also got the results from the bone density scan yesterday. It seems she is slightly osteopenic, which means the mineral [...]

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